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PF Series Impact Crusher

    PF series impact crusher is mainly used in crushing, suitable for production of high-grade highways, utilities, construction industry stone.

    With the acceleration of the process of social construction, the development of crushing and screening equipment industry has become more and more rapidly, the advent of PF series impact crusher is undoubtedly to deal with construction materials brought unprecedented progress. PF Impact Crusher is a post box, back liner, back rack, liner, feed port, base, hammer, rotor frame and other components. PF series impact crusher can crush the principle of the use of materials, work, stone from the upper part of the machine directly into the high-speed rotation of the turntable, driven by high-speed rotation of the rotor in the motor plate from the inlet into the material and the rotor hammer impact, under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part to produce high-speed shunt umbrella way collision with a high density of crushed stone fly around the turntable, by the high-speed impact hammer is broken; materials after crushing counterattack has been to the liner again broken stone in the fight against one another, between the wheel and the chassis will form a vortex motion caused by repeatedly hit each other, friction, grinding, and finally discharged from the discharge port. So many times to form a closed loop, adjust the gap between the back frame and rotor frame can change the material to achieve the expected size and shape of the material purpose.
 impact crusher

    Technical characteristics PF series impact crusher as follows:
1, the multi-chamber evenly broken, suitable for crushing hard rock.
2, low large feed opening, ease of production line layout and increased feed size.
3, all-hydraulic opening, ease of maintenance and replacement of wearing parts.
4, the new wear-resistant materials the plate hammer, back lining and lining trial and longer life

    PF series impact crusher with crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, easy maintenance, the senior of the road surface and hydropower construction aggregates ideal processing equipment.

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