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Sand production line manufacturer running precautions

Yifan Machinery sand production line equipment used mainly include vibrating feeder, jaw crusher,sand making equipment.In order to improve the efficiency of sand production line , sand production line manufacturers understand the equipment up and running precautions are necessary.

sand production line

1.When you are ready to work ,it should be required to start sand production line operation.
2.Note that when you start the main motor control cabinet ammeter . In normal operation, the current should also pay attention longer than the specified value .
3.After a jaw crusher normal operation , you can start feeding machine, and according to the size of the material block and jaw crusher operating conditions, adjusting the transfer belt feeder to change the volume of feed . Generally, the material crushing cavity stack height should exceed the height of the crushing chamber 2/3 . The diameter of the material block does not exceed 50-60% of the feed width of the mouth , in which case the maximum production capacity of a jaw crusher .
4.When the slug is bigger, it will cause a blockage of normal production. To prevent metal objects ( such as shovel teeth,track shoe,drill,etc.) into the jaw crusher,to avoid damage to the machine , when they are through the jaw crusher , you should immediately notify the next post operator promptly removed to prevent access to the second stage crushing system and cause an accident.
5.When the automatic tripping of electrical equipment,if unexplained,non- forced consecutive starts.When the machine does not sound normal must be found to deal with failures in the inspection tour stop,you should immediately stop feeding stalled until after the crushing chamber discharge all of the material,and then stop the main motor, check processing after a power cut.
These are some of the ways sand production line provided by the manufacturer,if you have other on sand production line problems, please leave us a message online.

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