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Treatment of high temperature phenomenon of crushing machine

Crushing machine of Yifan machinery are widely used in mining, building materials, metallurgy, transportation, hydrapower, coal, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industry. The company provides customers with five-star service as the basic concept, and pursuit comprehensive, fast, positive, timely service slowly, how to resist the high temperature phenomenon?

crusher machine

First, bearing is the most important part of crushing machine. When the crushing machine works in high temperature, the bearing temperature should be payed much attention in order to maintain good lubrication, and pay attention to any abnormal sound and vibration. If anything is not normal, immediately stop to inspect, find out the reasons.

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Secondly, in high speed operation of the crusher machine, friction will cause the components temperature rockets. Under these circumstance, the workers should use lubricating oil to depress the temperature of the crushing machine.

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